Etheric intelligence consensus and value set sail, the dark horse with ReBASE broke out

The concept of the blockchain field is proposed very quickly, there are hot topics at all times, and each stage has a new thing. Recently, the popularity of the DeFi field is now shifting from the AC system to the Rebase system. The current global market enthusiasm is primarily the mainstream Bitcoin. In addition, the […]

Chinese tea brand KOUCHA is in line with the international standards, landing on the NASDAQ screen

Since ancient times, drinking Chinese tea has been one of the most important activities to regulate the mind, nourish the nature and relax. In today’s fast-paced modern society, it seems difficult to calm down and enjoy a cup of tea, which is even more unimaginable for today’s young white-collar workers. Suzhou KOUCHA Catering Management Co., […]

Ethereum’s Road to $2K: 3 Reasons to Be Bullish

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, set . This is the first time the digital asset has been over the $1,400 level since Jan. 13, 2018. Ethereum’s YTD gains now total 66.15% – over 6x higher than the leading cryptocurrency and outstripping both Polkadot (DOT) and Chainlink (LINK). Despite experiencing a temporary correction, it […]

Jim Cramer Tells $731M Powerball Winner to Put 5% in Bitcoin

Stock-picking personality Jim Cramer recommended the unknown Maryland-based winner of Wednesday’s $731 million Powerball jackpot allocate 5% of his or her newfound fortune in bitcoin. “You know what, if you won the lottery – Yes, I’m gonna say it: 5% in bitcoin,” Cramer said Thursday night on his . His investment advice, of course, came […]

Why is Digital Circulation an innovation from 0 to 1?

Real innovation is an order of magnitude up relative to the old.Because innovation creates new things, it can form a qualitative leap.This is the process from 0 to 1 described by digital circulation.In contrast, competition is from 1 to N. competition replaces what existed before and replicates it, pursues perfection and distinguishes it only by […]

Lion King – One of the most popular DeFi project that you should pay attention to

Fairness and Transparency are the soul of finance and the unremitting pursuit of every investor. However, we need a new technology that can guarantee fairness even human civilization highly developed today. In 2008, Bitcoin was born but blockchain still can not perfectly apply in financial area although 10 years passed away already. Until 2018, Brendan […]

Grayscale May Have Laid Groundwork for 5 More Potential Crypto Trusts

The world’s largest digital asset manager, Grayscale Investments, looks to be preparing for possible launches of new single-asset trusts for a number of cryptocurrencies. Trusts for five digital assets were filed with Delaware’s corporations registry on Dec. 18, 2020: chainlink (LINK, +21.96%) (BAT, +24.85%) (MANA, +36.61%)tezos (XTZ, +17.44%)The filings were not made by Grayscale itself […]

Coin bull– Yaoshi came to the Chinese market officially launched the road show of Wuhan Station suc

In recent years, innovation and change have been the main theme of the financial field. Financial itself is a kind of credit economy, on the way looking for innovation and change, financial institutions are consistent in the search for all-round change train of thought, with the rapid development of information technology and the widespread application, […]

China’s Blockchain-Based Service Network to Integrate Central Bank Digital Currency

China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) – a permissioned blockchain network for building decentralized applications and tokens – plans on releasing a beta central bank digital currency (CBDC) as early as the second half of 2021, according to a Jan. 15 blog post. The Chinese-state-sanctioned BSN is currently designing a universal digital payment network (UDPN) over the next half-decade. […]

Iran Reportedly Seizes 45K Bitcoin Mining Machines After Closure of Illegal Operations

Authorities in Iran have seized tens of thousands of bitcoin mining machines claimed to have been using illegally subsidized electricity from state-run energy provider Tavanir. According to a report by local media outlet Tasmin News Agency on Sunday, 45,000 mostly powerful application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) machines were confiscated. The machines had purportedly been consuming 95 megawatts per […]