Celebrating the success of the STAR Community Online Conference

At 21:00 on March 21, 2022 (GMT+8), representatives of the STAR community brought 1500,000,000 Tokens to the conference site and had a wonderful interaction with more than 500 participants. There were up to a thousand spectators waiting outside the conference room. The benefits were distributed through multiple rounds of lottery draws, and even lucky winners […]

Cryptocurrency and ESG issues: Why Cryptos are better for ESG than you think

In 2022, blockchain enters a new era of development, and cryptocurrency miners and more investors are considering environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues when allocating their portfolios. Additionally, cryptocurrencies are starting to take allocations from more and more investment portfolios. However, some investors may be hesitant due to reports that Bitcoin is not environmentally […]

Ecological construction of three-dimensional space

Three dimensional space was initiated by the American three dimensional space Association and founded in 2019. In 2020, the three-dimensional space was officially approved. After two years of precipitation, it was officially launched globally in 2022 based on Web3 0’s business defi2 0 ecology. It is the first blockchain industry to combine Web3、DeFi2. Projects of […]

StarToken will open the global airdrop on the 20th, 23 online pancakes

StarGlobal is a digital autonomous community formed spontaneously by a group of Metacosmic industry believers. We hope to use the wealth we have gained in SHIB to build a seamless link and low latency satellite network for the Metacosmos. We expect more consensus people to feel the charm of the Metauniverse industry together. Star original […]

PuddingSwap Desserts Empire releases ingredient NFT, committed to create NFT new usage in GameFi!

Now the market of NFT has also explosive growth with the help of concepts such as Metaverse and GameFi. According to Non-Fungible, NFT trade amount has reached $2.7 billion on January 2022, and the market is potential. The rapid growth of NFT market also attracts the protocol of DeFi 1.0, such as SushiSwap launched the […]

The virtual world is a reality, the “Three Kingdoms Alliance” is a shocking launch

The Three Kingdoms genre is loved by a superb number of players, both men and women, who want to reign over the Three Kingdoms and have their own armies and cities in a chaotic world. But in the current market, it is hard to find a role-playing collectible card game with top-notch art and design […]

Music NFT Trading Platform MusicY Pushes Music Industry Into “Crypto Age”

As per the latest news, international renowned conductor and pianist Jimmy Chiang officially entered into in-depth collaboration with MusicY, becoming the first classical musician to be featured on the MusicY platform. Jimmy Chiang is invited to be the MusicY music consultant. Jimmy Chiang realizes that the combination of NFT and music is a major trend […]

ETH liquidity mining is deployed in the global ecosystem, leading the change of the times!

At present, the overall blockchain market has been greatly impacted. Some people say that blockchain is the future of the Internet world, while others say that blockchain distributed storage may become a future trend. What is the magic of blockchain?With the development of blockchain to this day, its ecosystem has been widely and deeply developed, […]